Process Truing Arts

process truing arts

modal ex tempore piano
and keyboard work

Freeform conversation initiative:
this player is not the star of the show!

Let's talk.


Process Truing Arts presents modal ex tempore piano abstractions by Richard Mariconda.

This work is offered for small venue coffee house, art gallery opening, or restaurant where human conversation or artwork is the focal point and thus this music is a background presence.

If you want such original piano music in your venue, contact Richard at:

within hearing
modal ex tempore for piano

7 months ago

For Uxor.



This series of modal ex tempore piano sessions is an approach to individual social initiative supporting conversation via peripheral presence also centered in the moment and seeking to convey the artist's perceptions of what Thomas Merton calls the point vierge.


bid holding pattern: kairos time

ex tempore in D ionian mode

16 months ago

petty brood

ex tempore in G dorian mode

11 months ago

To consider other examples of this intermedia, click hyperlink for Richard Mariconda's YouTube channel.

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